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I gravitate towards nature, contemplating and observing flora and fauna, an instinctive escape from tumultuous situations lived in a war-torn country during childhood. My conscious longing for serenity draws me close to Mother Nature where I find inspiration. As an artist, I cherish moments spent exploring natural settings, fueling my creativity and informing the soul and substance of my work. While the concept of my artworks is deliberately planned, each form takes a life of its own as it evolves through the slow hand building process. My process driven work guides the artwork’s journey from the initial source of inspiration, followed by my conceptual and tactile imprints on the form, subsequently firing it in electric, gas or wood firing kilns, leading to its final expression. I am interested in inviting the viewer on a journey of sensory discovery through ceramics sculptural forms. I am often inclined to use clay, slips and glazes to evoke various materials, sensations of a range of temperature and hardness, as well as experimenting with scale, profile and volume. Glazing and firing techniques are an essential part of the creation, wood firing often yields mesmerizing outcomes almost adding a fourth dimension to the sculpture. I am drawn to systems, patterns and cycles. Natural sites are particularly interesting to me while looking at the relation between multiples, space between objects, and the dynamics that happen when you group two objects or a multitude of them. There is an instant dialogue that forms between pieces inviting the viewer to notice how they alter the space around them.  I seek to find balance, serenity and harmony through the medium of clay and hope to pass on the energy and beauty derived from nature connectedness to others through my ceramics artworks. 


“I knew that looking at them, if you are careful you can hear them, you can feel them move, and to me that is success. They are not static objects, they are heteromorphic.”


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