As a ceramic artist, I am interested in exploring micro and macro nature perspectives and guiding the viewer through a journey of sensorial discovery using sculptural forms.

The micro exploration of nature’s organic elements expressed in the details of the forms I create, leads the viewer to a sensorial experience through the medium of clay. I am often inclined to use clay to evoke other materials, sensations of different degrees of temperature and hardness, as well as experimenting with scale, profile, volume and the way each form interacts with its surroundings. The macro perspective inspired by natural sites is particularly interesting to me while looking at the relation between multiples, space between objects, and the dynamics that happen when you group two objects or a multitude of them. There is an instant dialogue that forms between pieces inviting the viewer to notice how they alter the space around them.

Developing ideas to their full potential results in a sensorial journey rich in nuances, playful and dynamic.